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I’m feeling better about myself today


“Body, like the mountain
Heart, like the ocean
Mind, like the sky.”

Dogen  (via saola)

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When the three year old goes on a rant




Still love this

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I am so god damn grumpy Jesus Christ

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August 19th

"In all seriousness, I’m in love with myself."

"Good, you should be."

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Hair nonsense.

Y’all didn’t know white girl had it going on, did you?!
My ass is my only redeeming quality. Overcompensating for my lack of breasts.

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Can we just talk about the booty in this dress tho

This third shift douche hadn’t done a damn thing all night. Finally see him sauntering up to my press to talk to the guy I was helping.

Me: Where the hell have you been all night?

Him: Hiding, sweetie, where’ve you been?

Me: Don’t call me sweetie, I’ll throw a bow in your throat. Also, I’m doing your job, ya fucking walnut. 

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